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New recruitment business opens in Wild West London.

London’s Bloomsbury is home to a new Wild Recruitment branch that specialises in hospitality, catering, driving and industrial work. The Tottenham Court Road business was launched to take advantage of the huge number of new employment opportunities in those sectors. It is part of Berry Recruitment Group (BRG) which works from nearly 40 outlets across...

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Berry’s onsite-offsite hub model is rolled out

Berry Recruitment has launched the first of its new offsite hubs that it believes will be the template for future onsite recruitment. The Hybrid Onsite Resource Centre (HORC) in Washington near Sunderland will serve those businesses that require larger numbers of workers. Whereas previously Berry Recruitment might have placed its recruiters within a client’s company,...

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Get to know BRG’s Group Training Manager Becky Booker.

Meet our experienced, knowledgeable and incredible Group Training Manager Becky Booker. Becky shares her recruitment story and reveals all about life at the Berry Recruitment Group. Get to know Becky: What do you like most about working for the Berry Recruitment Group and what are you most proud of ?   What is your experience?...

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Business makes a beeline for BuzzHire

After Uber, Deliveroo, Zapp…. ‘BuzzHire’ – the on-demand app for instant jobs and workers. A staffing tech platform is capitalising on London’s hospitality and delivery sectors’ return to normality and is seeing a surge in growth. BuzzHire places power in the hands of the workers and is set to revolutionise on-demand gig-employment. The award-winning tech...

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Workers treasure leisure so bosses face losses

Some businesses have as many workers as they did pre-Covid but they are working half the hours because they want a better work-life balance. Berry Recruitment, one of the country’s leading employment companies, said the staff got used to having more leisure time while on furlough and during lockdowns. With the country opening up, these...

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