Frustrated job seekers flock to fair

Job seekers unable to find work by applying directly to companies swamped a recruitment team at a recent jobs fair in Milton Keynes. Berry Recruitment had to boost its staff at the event to deal with the number of people looking for work.

Despite many vacancies in the economy, some people find it hard to secure jobs by applying to companies – and many never even get a reply. Berry Recruitment said this is a trend it has noticed and is something which disheartens applicants. The company has branches in Northampton, Watford, Oxford and King’s Lynn, and a Wild Recruitment branch in Milton Keynes. Hundreds were signed up to the branches at the event.

Regional Manager Rachel Murphy said: “The Milton Keynes Jobs Fair took us by surprise because it was so busy. What we heard a lot was that people are sending out dozens of job applications to firms and hearing nothing back. It really frustrates them because they keep hearing about the number of jobs available, but they can’t secure one. If companies replied – ideally with a bit of feedback – it would make a difference.

“When the candidates at the fair heard what we were able to do in terms of taking their CVs directly to employers who we work for they were extremely grateful. Many didn’t realise that agencies like ours exist. Candidates were flocking to our stand and we are working through hundreds of CVs and following up leads. And we’ll reply to everyone.

“The fair attracted all sorts of people from university, college and school leavers to those looking to find a new job or just reduce their commute. Others had left the military or were mums looking to get back to work after having children. It was real mix and I know some will be perfect for our clients who work across multiple sectors.”

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